the beginning

Hear how our CEO began Vivamacity Jewelry
They say that jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel special and unique.

Our delicate and luxurious pieces create a transcendence that only artists can capture in their works. Well we have captured it in our jewels and every stone, every jewel holds a story unlike any other.

Every person has their story and jewelry to compliment each chapter.

Vivamacity is the ideal place to acquire jewelry where you won't be settling for less at all. Our team here at Vivamacity has made it our goal to help you look your very best by providing you jewelry of only top-notch quality. Decorating yourself with Vivamacity's authentic jewelry will help you fulfil your magical fantasies and will let you express your true self as an individual. All of our jewelry prove to be iconic statement pieces whether they are delicate and detailed or simple and bold. There's no way you won't find something that won't suit your taste.

an inside look

Vivamacity Jewelry


Your support, also supports our team from all over the globe! After going worldwide in 2016, Vivamacity works hard to bring forth only the best and to achieve that we have worked with people from Brazil, Germany, Pakistan, Bangladesh, USA and even China. Only the best manufacturers have provided their service to assure you an excellent experience with Vivamacity. The authentic gemstones and materials that adorn your jewelry come from all over the world all the way from Australia, Italy, Singapore to India, Africa, Brazil and many more. We are willing to search far and wide to attain the perfection we wish to perceive.

Our jewelry is often infused with the combination of Gold Vermeil and Sterling Silver. Gold vermeil, also known as “gilded silver”. Not only is it far more durable than other types of heavy gold plating but it also lasts for years! As for sterling silver, it is considered to be harder than fine silver but softer than other metals. The magnificent and extraordinary designs you see, combined with the gold vermeil and sterling silver, are genuine designs by Katarina Viva herself. Not to mention, these enamoring and pristine jewelry pieces are 300% handcrafted!


You’ll notice that we run out of stock pretty quickly and that is because, although each piece is produced in small quantities, it is definitely made of the finest and best quality. We value quality over quantity as delivering the very best is one of our main priorities. After all; "Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” But not to worry, our products are always getting restocked without the standard wavering even slightly.


Our jewelry is ethically and sustainably produced, meaning everything is vegan and cruelty free! Our bejeweled pieces are produced by the finest Carbon-Neutral Technology, so the carbon-neutral fuel used is energy fuel or energy systems which have no net greenhouse gas emissions or carbon footprint, making it to be incredibly environmental friendly. Of course you'll also take note of the fact that we sell at a very fair pricing, with no mark-ups at all.


Our jewelry is hand shipped which means even our packaging receives our utmost care and attention. These packages are dropped off at the port office twice a day and we literally ship everyday, all throughout Monday to Saturday, so you wont find yourself worrying about not receiving your products on time. Our team here at Vivamacity believes that everything should be done on time and the final result should be of the most finest quality because you deserve the very best!

Handmade with love and patience from start to finish