Meet Katarina

I design to express your individuality, with the finest materials and attention to detail, for you. I want Vivamacity pieces to help achieve the magic we desire to feel in our everyday lives.

"Where does the word 'Vivamacity' come from?" is the most commonly asked question. Vivamacity is a word Katarina Viva, CEO, created for an art project in the 11th grade, deriving from the word vivacity (the quality of being lively and animated). Upon starting on Etsy, it was never meant to become a company name, however.. Since then, it has stuck with her. So, here we are.

Nowadays, Vivamacity is a high quality jewelry brand designed just for you, to shine bright. "It all started in the Summer of 2015 when I made chokers as a hobby and wore them in public. Women of all demographics always paused me to ask where I got them from, if I had a business card, etc. It happened enough that it brought me to play around on Etsy and people were actually interested. "What on earth?" I thought. Since that day, I have decided to put my all into handmaking jewelry for girls - and boys - all over the world, loving every second of it." - Katarina, CEO

Because of your interest, because of your love & support, because of your little fingers clicking 'Follow'/'Like', because of you, Vivamacity is where it is today.

"If you are reading this, I appreciate you. Without your kindness and motivation, well, honestly, I would have never continued to grow Vivamacity and achieve my dream."

All our items are 100% handcrafted with love and patience, using the highest quality materials on the market. Please keep this in mind when handling your delicate jewelry that we know you will adore. Here at Vivamacity, we strive to provide you the best quality pieces at a comfortable price.