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V-Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is nothing to take lightly. For men, it's a day on the calendar we know we should appreciate the woman in our lives. For women it's something entirely different. It's much more than a simple day to show appreciation - it's a day to "feel" appreciated, to make up for all the hurt that ever happened or lingered before, to be reminded why in the world they chose you over anyone else.

So how can you make sure you sweep your lady off her feet on Valentine's Day?

Completely captivating her and making her heart melt for you like day one on the big day takes three very important things.
    1. The Ask - Just because you're already dating, engaged, or married, doesn't mean you get to simply take for granted that Valentine's Day is ya'lls day together. Ask her to be your Valentine's, even though she's already yours. Make it unexpected, be romantic, and ask you like you really mean it - like you're asking her to be your girlfriend for the first time. She'll feel cute, wanted, loved and appreciated. It goes further than words can describe.
      2. Date Night - don't just say you're taking her on a date or that you'll make time at night to go out. Tell her it's a surprise, keep her excited and on her toes. Any restaurant works, even a home cooked meal will work, but make it exciting by doing this: Tell her to dress up either way because it's a BIG day and you want her to feel sexy, loved, and appreciated for everything she can be for you.   
      3. The Gift - Every girl knows or expects to receive some form of a gift. But not just any gift. They want a gift that not only means something to her, but something to you as well. Your lady values what you think she'll like, and they appreciate it more than the actual gift itself. What you decide to buy her should have a story behind it, an emotion behind it, and a level of excitement that you would enjoy her having, and something she can keep forever. So what is a gift that speaks volumes about how a guy feels for his woman? Jewelry.
But not because it's pretty or because women generally like jewelry. Jewelry will sweep her off her feet if it's something YOU want to see her in, and if it's something you know she also enjoys. It says "I know you, I think you're beautiful in this, you light up my world, and I want you to remember that I'm here by your side through thick and thin." It's something that every time she picks up, wears, or looks at throughout the day she'll remember everything, especially why you love her.
If there's ever a pain she's going through then one glance is all it can take to remind her that you love her, you're by her side, and you value her. So if you want to gift your woman a constant reminder of your love, appreciation, and commitment past that single day on the calendar, then look no further, we put together the perfect sets to make it easy for you.
If you love going out on the town for date nights, this is the perfect set for her. Our premium quality 925 sterling silver Butterfly Effect Necklace & Butterfly Effect Huggie Earrings remind her to flutter through any and all obstacles, makes her shine and brings out the perfect balance between sexy and cute!
For the busy professional who's likes to make a bold statement, this huggie earring set brings out the strength in her personality and let's her shine. You can never go wrong with essential jewelry pieces that she's needed her whole life and will wear for the rest of it.
Option 3: Mika Necklace

Our eye-catching Mika Necklace proves to be intimate yet incredibly stylish for this event. The Mika Necklace will also make you feel the passionate and sensible sense of sentiment, that only love can offer. Our collection varies from simplistic soft designs all the way to charming eye-candies.
Our jewelry is created from the iconic 14kt gold vermeil and lustrous pure 925 sterling silver that are far more durable than anything and will always keep someone looking at their best. Our necklaces and rings will make your Valentine’s Day an event you’ll never forget no matter where you are because of our convenient and excellent shipping that delivers worldwide! Valentine’s Day should be filled with love and possessions that take form in the idea of love. Such are Vivamacity’s entire collection that will give you nothing but love and pure joy.

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