Purple Sesame Jasper Silver Necklace
Purple Sesame Jasper Silver Necklace
$11.99 USD

Purple Sesame Jasper Silver Necklace

The purple sesame jasper celestial necklace is a beautiful, bold statement piece. Sesame jasper is said to be a nurturing stone. Handmade with silver plated brass chain, the sesame jasper crystal gently hangs on this unique necklace. Sesame jasper is also associated with tranquility, wholeness, and bringing overall support and sustenance. All in all, jasper will help unify all aspects of your life, aligning the chakras and absorbing negative energy.


  • Silver plated 18 in. krinkle chain
  • Adjustable 2" link for size
  • 100% Handmade
  • Celestial style includes 2 moon charms & 2 star charms

All of our necklaces are handmade with real stones and provide a unique, gorgeous pendant. Crystals are known to provide powers based on their type. Shop our variety today!

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