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Blue Jade Gold Necklace
Blue Jade Gold Necklace
Blue Jade Gold Necklace
Blue Jade Gold Necklace
$13.99 USD

Blue Jade Gold Necklace

Blue Jade Crystal Gold Necklace

Unique, gold plated brass krinkle chain that is 18'' inches suspending a gold plated brass capped Blue Jade gemstone.

Please remember to protect & take care of this beautiful necklace against humidity/fragrances!

Secured with lobster clasp and 2'' inch adjustable link extender.

*Celestial Style* will include two star charms & two crescent moon charms aligned neatly for all the celestial lovers out there~

Calming stone

Blue Jade is extremely helpful to those of us who feel rushed, anxious, stressed or simply overwhelmed. It is an uplifting stone and can help us to remain cool and calm, even when we are stressed. It also helps to relieve anger and frustration. and is sometimes referred to as a "Philosophers Stone" as it helps us to see things from above, to see the bigger picture, and not to get caught up in life's day to day dramas.


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