Rosé Ring
Rosé Ring
Rosé Ring
Rosé Ring
Rosé Ring
Rosé Ring
Rosé Ring
Rosé Ring
Rosé Ring
Rosé Ring
Rosé Ring
Rosé Ring
Rosé Ring
Rosé Ring

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14KT Gold Vermeil / 925 Sterling Silver

This is a must have aesthetically sophisticated Rosé Ring, inspired by a magical tale. The soft petals of the rose tell the story of a love so strong, it was bounded together by magic.

During the 16th century when magical creatures ruled the world, there was a small town on the mountains ruled by spirits of nature. In this village lived a couple so in love. The husband would gift his wife a rose everyday as it was a reminder to both of them of their strong love. One day when the wife was out of town, a tragedy struck back home. An avalanche had destroyed part of the town and injuries had been reported. The wife rushed home and was devastated to see her loved one, seriously wounded and near death. She held him during his last few breaths as she wept on him. She was so distraught that her heart gave out itself and she passed away, next to him. The spirits who had been watching them for a long time, took pity on them and transformed them both into roses that were more beautiful and vibrant than any other rose anyone had ever seen. It is said that, that those two roses still remains standing, full with life.

Entranced by this rose, we recreated a full solid rose pendant, showcasing a realistic rose bud centering a 5A CZ white diamond in your choice of either a beauteous 14k gold vermeil or winsome 925 sterling silver. Featuring a glistening, thin ring band to set itself apart from the rest of your ring collection.
This exquisite style will remind of the magical fairytale and it is so picturesque one may even think that it is the real thing right in front of them as its glistens and gleams with such extraordinary charm.

Internal Diameter (mm) US UK Europe 
15 4 H - I 47
15.75 5 J - K 50
16.5 6 L - M 52
17.5 7 N - O 55
18 8 P - Q 57
19 9 R - S 60
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Age: 24-34 YEARS OLD
    Fashion Style: Girly, Edgy
    I absolutely love it

    I ordered it in a small size to wear on my pinky. It’s cute and good quality. I get so many compliments.

    Hi Desire,
    The rose ring is a great choice !

    Kayla G.
    Age: 18-24 YEARS OLD
    Fashion Style: Girly, Dainty

    Just received rings from here they are so cute and such good quality would definitely recommend

    Hi Kayla,
    We definitely recommend too <3

    Age: 35-45 YEARS OLD
    Fashion Style: Girly, Edgy, Sophisticated

    What a pretty elegant piece

    Hi Byrd!

    It will make a great addition, enjoy! <3

    Bella A.
    Age: 24-34 YEARS OLD
    Fashion Style: Dainty, Edgy
    Amazing quality

    All the purchases I’ve received have been super cute & amazing quality. 10/10 recommend.

    Hi Bella!

    We are so happy to hear your awesome feedback. <33

    Extraordinary & irresistable.
    Top-rated jewelry for everyone.

    Handpicked the best of stones, handcrafted to perfection.
    Go on, treat yourself.

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